Why develop a website for No-Show?

After over 40 years in hospitality & owning my own restaurants, it has become clear to me that the thoughtless behaviour of some of our customers is costing our industry millions of dollars each year. There is nothing more frustrating than turning customers away when fully booked or rostering extra staff only to have a table not show up. This is especially a problem at those busy times of the year when we rely on the extra revenue to see us through the many quieter months.

The general public have little understanding of the huge cost of running a hospitality business. The common perception is that we all make enormous profits & are not impacted by No-Show behaviour.

Whilst on infrequent occasions there may be a genuine reason for a No-Show, in the majority of instances there is no excuse for not cancelling a booking when there is a change of plan.

We are also all aware of those customers who deliberately book at multiple venues to give themselves the option to decide at the last minute where they wish to dine, showing no regard for the restaurants left with an empty table.

Although frustrated for many years by this behaviour, one particular incident was my inspiration to develop this website. A customer telephoned & then visited my restaurant to personally select his table for what was supposed to be an important occasion. As usual, we were only too happy to oblige. He consumed a great deal of not only my staff’s time, but also my own. He demanded that all the tables be rearranged to create a perfect evening for his family. This remained the only empty table in the restaurant on a very busy night. My restaurant lost time & revenue by his tables No-Show and he then furthered the insult to my business by hanging up on our follow up phone call to see if we had made the mistake.

To him I say thank you!


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